In a case of emergency

That's it. I've finally become the very image of an Expat Wife. Why else would I have a cocktail at 11.00 a.m.?? And not just any cocktail, but one for women (or rather girls) only. Sparkling pink
(both bottle and content), with a surprisingly refreshing taste of litchi and raspberry.*

No, no, let me reassure you (and myself...), I was not having this cocktail while taking a break from shopping at Kenzo with my expat girlfriends. This was a case of emergency! I found myself in a place I should never be on a Saturday - at the shopping centre Auchan. The crowds and the kilometres of foodstuff were just about to knock me out when I saw this alluringly pink bottle, and I steered right through the crowds and accepted the plastic cup the smiling sales lady handed me with tremendous relief.

It worked! I even got a bottle - as a present for my Bridget Jones friend of course (I wonder if she'll share it with me though). *

* This is not a commercial for the new Girls cocktail...or is it?

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Marc Backes said...

Never go to Auchan on a Saturday. NEVER! Why would you do that?