Høw ridiculøus

Sønic Visions Festivål. Spot øn Denmårk. 2 days 25 bånds.

Could somebody please explain to me this ridiculous (mis)use of the Scandinavian letters ø and å?? Is it supposed to look cool? Well, in the eyes of somebody who knows exactly how these letters are supposed to be used (not at all in the English language for one thing), it just looks really silly and pointless.

Written like this, the above sentence would be pronounced something like: Sunic Visions Festivaul. Spot un Denmaurk. 2 days 25 baunds.

So I'm not going the this festivaul, neither to see Murder from Denmark, An Orange Car Crashed from Belgium (no wonder, Belgians are lousy drivers), Superfamily from Norway (my own is super enough) or Glitter and Trauma from Lux (what an odd combination - I prefer the first but suspect I might end up with the latter if I do go).

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