Flowers for thought

I don't quite understand why this exquisite little flower is called Stepmother's flower in Norwegian. We would rarely compare a stepmother to such a flower, right, what with Cinderella and all? Now I'm sure a lot of stepmums out there deserve to have a flower named after them, but still...

The French language however, lives up to its reputation and has a lovely name for it - pensée - a thought. That way, you can actually plant thoughts in your garden, you can even plant yellow thoughts, blue thoughts, violet thoughts, white thoughts... And not only that, you can plant big thoughts and small thoughts as well. Quite a philosophical garden!

In English, I belive one name for it is Heart's Ease, which is kind of nice as well. I guess that's exactly what you'll find in a garden of thoughts.

So, I hereby rename this flower to Thought's Flower.

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